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“You literally made a new friend.”

Z-Blob is a dream creature that was originally created by Mateo for a comic book, but eventually came to life as his companion and a certified Dream Chaser working for the Brooklyn Bureau. He was entrusted with the important roles of being the Guardian of the Grim Realm and the Keeper of the Nightmare King.

Official description[]

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At first, Z-Blob was the main character of Mateo's comic book, but in the dream world, he came to life and became Mateo's faithful friend! Mateo loves to dream craft him into fierce warriors or vehicles. He is also the only dream creature who can cross into the waking world.[5]


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Z-Blob is very friendly and trusting to his friends but he shows special affection to Mateo. He's very loyal to all as seen in A Tale of Two Teos, when he comforted Izzie. Z-Blob is like other human beings, he can feel sadness, worry, anger, joy, etc and his eyes shape changes depending on that, the most common example, Z-Blob narrows his eyes showing anger or determination when fighting.


Z-Blob is a green blob with 2 black eyes

As a robot, Z-Blob grows a green, slimy body, and silver metallic armor with black accents and mechanism inside and on his chest, legs, feet, and arms with green accents on his chest plate, the Dream Chasers symbol on his boots, hands, and chest. He also has the word "Sloop" on his chest, "Teo" on his pants, and "Blob" on the right side of his chest plate.



  • Elasticity - Z-Blob is very flexible, as seen in Dreamer´s Block he was able to bring Zoey and Albert together, he's even able to stretch and become bigger without Mateo's dreamcrafting.
    • Elastic Shapeshifting - Z-Blob is able to turn himself into other objects depending on the situation, like a vine, binoculars, or even a key.
    • Strength - Z-Blob can be stretched and squeezed without him bursting or snapping. However, he can be magically affected through dream crafting as seen in The Rift.
  • Super Eating - Z-Blob is able to eat large quantities of food very quickly without feeling ill.
    • Digestive Expulsion Independence - Z-Blob can eat large quantities of food without the need to urinate or defecate, but Z-Blob will often burp, shake slime, or spit out any meat.
  • Corruption Immunity - Z-Blob cannot be corrupted as seen in The Rift.


  • Elasticity - Z-Blob is very flexible as seen in Dream Chasers, Z-Blob is able to stretch his fists to deliver strong punches.
    • Agility - Z-Blob is also very quick and agile in this form, he's even able to defeat Grimkeepers.
    • Strength - Z-Blob is very strong when it comes to fights as he was able to throw a cactus at Logan in Cheat Code. And he was able to knock a Grimwolf back in The Grim Escape and Songs of the Mist compared to a Grimkeeper who had to tackle with it a few times.


  • Flight - Z-Blob is able to fly at high speeds and he's very maneuverable.
  • Rotational Blaster - Z-Blob has a rotational blaster that can shoot lasers or missiles, although it's abilities aren't yet seen.






Books and comics[]


  • Z-Blob's guardian form is a combination of all the Dream Chasers' traits in the Dream World.


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