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Isn’t the whole point of a secret organization that it’s, you know, secret? - Cooper
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“Carving my own path, bro.”
— Logan to the Nightmare King, "Short Sheeped"

Logan Chan[4] is a Dream Chaser, jock and DJ who lives with his two mothers in Brooklyn. He is very athletic, being talented at running and soccer. He has a large ego which previously caused him to bully people (such as Mateo). He had a crush on Zoey during the events of Season 1, however he later harboured feelings for Astrid after she beat him in R.E.M. trials.

Official description[]

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“I can do that with my eyes closed!”

Popular, competitive and brave (sometimes accidentally!), Logan is Cooper's new best friend. Look through his confident exterior and you might just see that Logan’s the most easily scared of the group…[5]

The hyper-confident jock who’s learning to tone it down

Popular, competitive and loud, Logan can be... a lot. But there’s a lot to love in Logan: his passion for gaming, his quick-thinking, and his (sometimes accidental) bravery.[6]


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Logan appears to have a large ego, being self-assertive as he ignores others when it comes to focusing at the task at hand. He also possesses a passion for making music as he tries to get his friends to like it.


Waking World[]

Logan has shaggy, straight black hair, strong cheekbones and unique eyelids compared to the other characters. He wears a blue hat with an M logo on the front, though he usually wears it backwards. His blue hoodie has a similar M symbol on the front, and reads "Monsters" on the back. He wears blue jogging pants, which sport an M as well.

Dream World[]

Most of the time, Logan looks identical to his Waking World self. When he does transform, he is small and blue, similar in build to the Grimspawn, with black hair that sticks straight up. He has two long fangs sticking up from his lower jaw, one of which pokes out when his mouth closes. He wears a similar blue hoodie to his usual self, though it appears as if the sleeves were torn off, the Dream Chasers' symbol is in the front, and the back of his hoodie now reads "Zleepers".


  • Athleticism - Logan is said to be a star athlete, and is skilled at the sports he plays, in addition to his high strength and stamina in both the Waking World and the Dream World. Logan is known to play soccer, basketball and football, and it's possible he plays hockey as well.
  • Ornithology - Logan is implied to understand the study of birds due to his moms. Logan was able to teach Izzie how to impersonate a raven instead of a crow and Logan had done a very good impersonation.
  • Beast Crafting - Logan lacks the ability to Dream Craft in the traditional sense due to the consequences of failing to pass the Dream Forge and get an Hourglass, a crucial tool for Dream Crafters to perform complicated Dream Crafting. Despite this limitation, he has a way to tap into his creativity by channeling his emotions to create Dream Crafts with monster themes. Additionally, Logan possesses the ability to transform into his Dream World avatar, a beastly version of himself, on occasion.
    • Dream Bashing - Logan immerses himself in the creations of others, resulting in a unique twist where the creations become more focused on monsters rather than the original concept.
  • Music - Logan enjoys DJing and seems to take it seriously, having created multiple songs, one of which went briefly viral, although most of his friends don't enjoy his music. He has played on stage for two Fall Festivals (albeit one unofficially), and is implied to own his own DJ set. In addition to this, in Sick Beats he is shown playing a melodica in the Dream World, displaying an affinity for the instrument.


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Books and comics[]


  • He wears a similar cap to Jack Davids from Hidden Side.
  • In his Dream World form, he reuses a recolored hairpiece that was originally used on The Joker from The LEGO Batman Movie.
  • He once had a stuffed raccoon named Ricky that he ended up losing in a camp.[7]
  • Some of his extracurriculars include basketball, football, and glee club.[3]
  • He was once DJ of the Fall Festival at the age of 12, but was only on for 10 minutes before he wanted a corn dog.[8]
  • He is Asian. It is not specified specifically where from, however his surname Chan is of Chinese origin.[9]


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