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“Don't overthink it.”
— Izzie, "Awakening"

Isabel Christina Garcia[3] (better known as Izzie) is a member of the Dream Chasers. She is the sister of Mateo.

Official description[]

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“Look at the size of its teeth! I just want to cuddle him!”

Courageous and funny, Izzie doesn’t waste time thinking things through! Why not when you’ve got your gut and your love of anime to see you through?[4]

The K-Pop lover who’s learning to think things through

Izzie is Mateo’s little sister. She’s full of energy, confident, curious and adventurous, loves animals... and anime! Her biggest challenge is learning to take a beat and think before she acts.[5]


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Izzie is an energetic girl who enjoys anime and is often a reasonable Dream Chaser. She is also kind to many Dream creatures, regarding them all as real, and concerned about their welfare, such as giving Jim a makeover, not thinking of him as a monster. She was also left incredibly saddened when he was turned into a Night Terror.

Opposed to her brother, Izzie is an extrovert, and incredibly excitable. She has no issues making friends, posseses a great love of stuffed animals and fantasy, along with some old-timey detective shows.

Due to her loyalty to her friends, she can also make poor choices, like impulsively going after her friend, Nova, before learning how to properly use her Dreamcrafting powers, and putting herself, her brother, and friends in danger.


Waking World[]

Izzie has long, curly brown hair and has black eyes with freckles on her face. She wears a dark yellow shirt leading past her hips with white sleeves and BunChu's face on the front, blue pants, and dark grey boots.

For sleepwear, she wears pink pyjamas with BunChu on the front.

Dream World[]

Izzie's hair is a blend of light pink transitioning into a subtle blue hue, fashioned into a ponytail. Adorning her face are artfully placed colored freckles, one of which forms a star-shaped pattern. Her shirt mirrors the vibrant colors of her Waking World appearance, albeit without Bunchu's face, instead featuring orange accents embellished with a touch of glitter. Completing her ensemble is a combination of purple and pink armor, accentuated by purple pauldrons. A yellow waist cape, adorned with a purple and pink belt bearing the Night Bureau' logo at its center, harmonizes with her turquoise pants and lavender boots, adorned with intricate silver detailing.


  • Intelligence - Despite her goofy and optimistic personality, Izzie is very smart and wise, she has very good attention to detail, she was able to put the events and details together to understand the big picture, as seen in Private Eye. She came up with a plan to help the Insominacs and defend the Candy Realm when threatened by the Night Hunter as seen in Sweet Dreams. She was able to figure out where Lunia hid her story in Castle Nocturnia in both The Worthy Dreamer and The Light of Nocturnia. In Sound of Sirens, even though Izzie lost her memory she was able to help Mateo feel better about Jasmin, she knew that together, she and Mateo would get through this change, but Izzie also told Mateo that this is hard on their dad to, so they have to be happy for him because José deserves happiness.
  • Dream Crafting - Izzie possesses the ability to create anything she can imagine in the Dream World, she was also the first to make her own dream avatar. She uses her stuffed animals as her inspiration, modes of transportation, and self-defense to fulfill her objective. She can even create her own weapons, like her Boomerang Sword and hammer.
  • Athleticism - Izzie was implied to be a good athlete, she was excited for Sheep Week and she can play soccer and tetherball very well.


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Books and comics[]


  • When she insults people, she calls them "Turkeys".
  • Her favorite food is pickles.
    • She likes dill the most out of all.[6]
  • She's a huge fan of Ninjago and claims to have seen every episode ten times.
  • Both her and Mateo (as well as José presumably) are Hispanic.[7]
  • She is presumably two grades below Mateo, since Zoey is in his grade.[8]
  • She seems to be ambidextrous.


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