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“So I'm head of the Brooklyn branch of the Night Bureau, which isn't really saying much these days since we have had kind of had a rough few decades and not exactly at our most proficient these days. But we're getting up to speed fast with the Nightmare King and all. And luckily, we had some very talented kids join the good cause.”

The Brooklyn Bureau is one of the known departments within the Night Bureau.



Mr. Oz was selected to lead the Brooklyn Bureau and he took on two new members, Hannah and Beau, as his apprentices. Their main mission was to protect the Dream World from nightmare creatures. When Lunia engaged in a battle against the Nightmare King, the Brooklyn Bureau was assigned to assist her in order to prevent the Fantasy Realm from being corrupted.[4] In a daring move, they managed to steal the Nightmare King's sword.[5] However, during the battle, they were overwhelmed by a horde of Night Terrors and Hannah was captured by one of them. Faced with this dire situation, Mr. Oz made the difficult decision to leave the Dream World and rescue Hannah, leaving Lunia and Beau to confront the Nightmare King alone.[4]

After the Nightmare King's imprisonment, the Brooklyn Bureau received information from Abraham – the Grand Inspector at the time – announcing his resignation due to Lunia's disappearance occurring under his supervision. Abraham suggested that Mr. Oz take over his position, an offer Oz contemplated only after destroying the Nightmare King's sword. Determined to fulfill this, the Brooklyn Bureau traveled to the Fantasy Realm in search of the Unmaker, who is capable of destroying the weapon. Amidst their quest, Hannah proposed the retention of the Nightmare King's sword as a precaution against potential future threats to the Dream World, a notion that faced resistance from Beau. Upon reaching the realm, Oz and Albert stumbled upon Dream Keeper runes believed to have been left by Lunia to act as guiding signs.[5]

Meanwhile, Beau and Hannah searched for the Gnorfs, who stipulated that procuring the Spear of the Keeper was essential for destroying the Nightmare King's sword. Unexpectedly, the Brooklyn Bureau uncovered that the runes led them to Shin's statue, housing the Spear of the Keeper. As Hannah took possession of the spear, the statue sprang to life, endangering her until Beau intervened by using the Nightmare King's sword to destroy the statue, albeit at the cost of being influenced by its dark power. Hannah managed to reach Beau and they both admitted their feelings for each other. In the aftermath of the chaos, Mr. Oz made a definitive choice to refuse the prestigious role of Grand Inspector, opting to remain loyal to Albert and the Agents of the Brooklyn Bureau.[5]

Beau and Hannah eventually abandoned their jobs as Dream Chasers and had a daughter named Zoey, a fact unbeknownst to Mr. Oz. Beau's transformation into the Night Hunter due to malevolence and Hannah's relocation to California with Zoey, followed by her passing from illness, left Mr. Oz as the last Dream Chaser in Brooklyn for years.[4][2][6] The Night Bureau's disapproval of Mr. Oz for violating a crucial rule during Lunia's confrontation with the Nightmare King led to their strict surveillance, hindering him from enlisting new members to the Brooklyn Bureau after the incident involving Hannah.[7][4]

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Night of the Never Witch[]

After the events of Season 1, the Brooklyn bureau had a new job of tracking down Dream creatures that escaped into the Waking World via the Rift. At this point, Sneak had changed sides, and Nova was recruited. They were both given the task of tracking down the waking world side of the rift, while some of the Dream Chasers would track down the Dream World side of the rift. Then, the other Dream Chasers would attack the Dream creature in the waking world, and try to lead them back to the rift.

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